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Toronto Packaging Supplies

When you consider the distribution of your product or the packaging of it, there are few options to consider. There are a number of typical options that can be considered for packaging that range from various types of boxes, containers and even envelopes. For most products a specific size of box or package will be required to ship or move products to your customers in the Greater Toronto Area.

The most common type of box container used by companies across the Toronto region are corrugated boxes. Corrugated boxes come in various style types; flat, tall, cube, long, multi-depth, garment, side loaders, white. Sizes tent to vary, commonly used are 3-8”, 9-11”, 12-13”, 18-23”, 24-26”, 27-48”. Corrugated boxes are used for single ship products or toe handle storage of multiple products.

Other storage packaging includes storage file boxes. These can be economy file boxes (with or without lid), quick file boxes and heavy duty boxes. Some file boxes have storage drawers or a flip-top. For moving purposes, we see the usage of ‘banker’s boxes’.

For the apparel and electronics industry, graphic boxes, apparel boxes, jewelry boxes, etc. are typically developed. The material used is typically paper based but can be foil wrapped or have customized printing/plating on it.

The Toronto based food industry uses a variety of packaging to suit different food storage needs. Box needs are usually fulfilled by paper based corrugated boxes that are used for items such as pizza storage. Some food items are also kept in die cut boxes or specialty boxes depending on product needs. The sizes of packaging used for food purposes tends to be smaller, under the 12” range depending on product type.

For lightweight products, envelopes and mailers can be used. There is a wide range to choose from; padded mailers, glamour mailers, paper and office envelopes, rigid mailers for heavier products, presentation envelopes with custom printing, multimedia and literature mailers for specific use and more. Most of these products are widely used for their functional usage and can be readily developed to meet the needs of customers in Toronto.

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