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New Heidelberg Promatrix 106 CSB Die-Cutter

New Heidelberg Promatrix 106 CSB Die-Cutter Boosts Post-Press Output and Capacity at Beneco Custom Packaging/, Leading Fast-Run Custom Packaging Firm and its sister firm Beneco Custom Packaging gain flexibility, automation, and productivity, a leading North American fast-run offset packaging specialist, and its sister firm Beneco Custom Packaging, have boosted its post-press output and capacity with the installation of a new Heidelberg Promatrix 106 CSB die-cutter with blanking at its first-class packaging facility in Toronto, Canada.

“We are laser-focused on our customer’s success,” says Ms.YaJun (Carol) Jiang, president of and Beneco Custom Packaging. “Our commitment to providing just-in-time delivery of their packages is top-of-mind. We remain dedicated to fast-turn around and delivering their custom boxes on schedule. We are continually investing in new equipment that will satisfy those demands. The new Heidelberg Promatrix 106 CSB die cutter is an important part of our business. This integral piece of machinery in our post-press department increases our flexibility and expands our capabilities as we continue to grow our folding carton business.”

Catering to a variety of businesses that require unique folding carton packages, and Beneco chose the new, automated Promatrix 106 CSB for its ability to balance the firm’s workload and provide necessary flexibility. The Promatrix allows and Beneco to do all of its diecutting and packaging jobs quickly and efficiently for both short and long runs. and Beneco’s customers appreciate its emphasis on fast turnaround and on-time delivery. The new Promatrix CSB contributes to that goal. Due to the machine’s non-stop feeder and delivery, stops are eliminated between pallet changes while still being able to handle pallets with the typical pile heights found in a folding carton environment. The Promatrix CSB offers motorized adjustment of the cutting pressure along with the pneumatic locking systems in the cutting and stripping station to decrease makeready times. When blanking, tie sheets are inserted to automatically give the pile more stability to be transferred to the next production process.

The new die-cutter handles an impressive array of materials and different applications that and Beneco receive from their demanding customers. To accommodate short set up times, the Promatrix 106 CSB offers several standard features such as central adjustment of rollers and brushes on the feed table, quick lock frame of the cutting station, fine adjustment system of the cutting plate as well as quick lock systems in the stripping station and the blanking station also with fine adjustment. is a leading manufacturer of fast-run package production starting at 500 pieces. The firm offers custom food packaging, incorporating unique shapes, sizes and styles to meet a food vendor’s needs. Equipped with the most high-tech printing and post-press equipment and an experienced team, its products are of the highest quality, and are developed and delivered within 15 business days (or five to 10 on rush orders). Its high level of integration in product capabilities includes in-house prepress services, plate making, UV coating, embossing, and windowing capabilities. SoOPAK’s production process is extremely efficient and highly customizable making it the preferred choice for businesses across North America. offers its services to small business owners and large-scale corporations with some of the most competitive prices in the industry.